Genshin Impact Site Launch!
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Frankfurt (Germany) is now available on the Edge Network
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Request access to Teams right from the Dashboard
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Sunsetting UI-Hooks and Legacy Webhooks
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Not quite a wiki.
Quite a bit better.
What is Nalu?
A better wiki platform, for communities

In 2016, we built a Pokemon GO fan-site for fun. It became pretty popular, so we started a company called GamePress, and continued building more sites for other games we enjoyed playing. We eventually grew large enough to be able to work on it full-time. Building GamePress was fun and fulfilling, but we soon realized how difficult it was to support games that didn't reach a certain size. Because the cost to support a site was so high, we could only support massively popular games. This did not match our original vision, we wished to support all games, not just a select few.

So we started Nalu to build a better alternative. A wiki that's smarter, more accessible, and more collaborative. A better GamePress. A better Fandom. We hope Nalu can one day be a positive space for communities, where its members work together to build something great! And to ensure that Nalu stays true to its users, we made it a non-profit foundation. Nalu can never be bought or sold, and all of our revenue is reinvested back into the product and community. We still have a long way to go, so we've put together a roadmap that explains how we're thinking about getting there. If you'd like to help, have any feedback/ideas, or just want to be part of the ride, join our Discord.

Partner Program
Creator Monetization
The Nalu Partner Program (NPP) is a way to support and compensate exceptional creators. Since it's unlikely that Nalu can sustain itself purely off donations/memberships in its early days, we'll place advertisements to generate initial revenue. After operational and server costs are paid, the remaining revenue will be distributed to members in the NPP. We are still working out the details of the program, and it'll likely change over time, but we wanted to communicate our commitment to supporting creators early on. Anyone is welcome to apply.
How we'll get there
Q4 2021
  • Nalu launch - Core minimal features
  • Genshin Impact Nalu
  • Ad stack integration
Q1 2022
  • Page builder beta
  • Pokemon GO Nalu
Q2 2022

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